Why Attend Place Branding Australia?


Place Branding, whilst a powerful vehicle for driving community prosperity, can be difficult to define succinctly.

Here at Place Branding Australia, we like the definition espoused by place branding scholar Robert Govers, and his colleagues Erik van‘t Klooster and Gerard Van Keken. They state: “We think that place branding is about bridging gaps between; the identity or sense of place, its product offering, the visitor experience, and the perception that people have of a place.” With that definition in mind, we’ve designed the day to ensure attendees leave with tangible outcomes, namely:

  1. Ideas: Whether it be distinctive urban design, a major event, or a marketing campaign, every great example of place branding in action started with an idea. Place Branding Australia’s speakers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have a wealth of experience that will inspire thoughts and ideas for the communities you work with.
  2. Answers: A big part of the day will be our two “Fishbowl” sessions. In these two sessions we’ll discuss the thoughts and questions arising from the speaker’s sessions in an open forum that will provide answers to the day’s big questions.
  3. Connections: By its very nature, Place Branding is a collaborative effort. Our conference will introduce you to leading urban planners, place marketers, architects and place makers, and government practitioners in a forum Australia will be seeing for the first time.
  4. Tools: Many of the stories shared on the day will detail the processes and frameworks used in examples of best practice place branding. A few days after the conference we’ll be in touch with summarised key take-outs from the Fishbowl sessions for attendees to take back to their communities to inform and inspire the next steps.