Nick Haddow

Chair of Brand Tasmania. Chair and Managing Director of Bruny Island Cheese Company

Brand Tasmania – The story behind one of the world’s most ambitious place branding projects.


Together with Todd Babiak, Nick will lead us through the journey that led to Brand Tasmania and the realisation of

How did they uncover the Tasmanian brand? What is the team doing, with 520,000 partners, to bring it to life? What is their five-year plan?


Nick is the founder and Managing Director of the Bruny Island Cheese Co., the Glen Huon Dairy Co. and the Bruny Island Beer Co. The Bruny Island Cheese Co. was the first Tasmanian business to be awarded the Telstra Australian Business of the Year (in 2013).

Nick has an established media profile developed through his role as co-presenter of the SBS series the Gourmet Farmer. He has also co-authored several books – his most recent book Milk.Made has been published internationally and was awarded the James Beard Award in 2017.

Additionally, Nick was on the Board of the Brand Tasmania Council Inc. for 7 years before becoming Chair of Brand Tasmania.