Josh Centner

Principal Product Manager – Seek


Session title

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken – Uncovering your place’s own unique, compelling narrative.


As the pace of change accelerates, so too do our places and the people who call them home. Against this backdrop, a carefully crafted, genuine narrative can create a sense of direction and stability. During this session, participants will be prompted to explore the essence of their community’s distinctive story. Drawing on his broad experience across multiple industries, Josh will illustrate how storytelling forms the foundation of a community’s efforts to attract visitors, residents or businesses, whilst also nurturing a sense of collective identity.


Josh is a seasoned innovator and transformational specialist with over 15 years experience across a wide range of industries. Driven by a passion to create meaningful change, his approach is deeply rooted in understanding the core needs of customers and users in order to define narratives and solutions that solve real problems for real people. His journey working with a range of products across a variety of industries has seen him discover the profound impact of storytelling in forging a genuine connection with audiences.

Josh believes that by weaving narratives that reflect the authentic spirit of a product, or in this conferences case, a place, we can craft compelling stories that resonate deeply with audiences both local and external. This narrative driven approach not only captivates but also facilitates informed and effective decision-making, as people are fully engaged and emotionally invested in a shared vision for the future. Whether it’s revitalising a city’s brand or steering a company through transformation, Josh is passionate about how stories can be the bedrock of collective progress.