Johanna Roca

Creative Director – For the People                  

A remote community’s existential crisis – How Forever West of Centre, the place brand for Tasmania’s remote West Coast community, is about more than just identity, it’s about survival.

Since the late 1800s the identity and prosperity of Tasmania’s West Coast was largely defined by mining.

After the gradual closing of mines across the region, most notably that of the Mount Lyell copper mine in Queenstown, the region has been confronted with re-defining what the future looks like without mining.

In this session, Christine and the team from branding consultancy For the People will take us through the process of bringing to brand to market in late 2018, and what they’ve learnt in terms of the impact its had, and what they’d do differently if they had their time again.

Jo wholeheartedly believes in the power of design and branding, and the integration with technology, to influence any business and also that design is about impact, not hype. She works with organisations on complex challenges – ranging from creative strategy, ideation, concept development, art direction, product launch, experience design and branding.

She recently started her journey into motherhood, with a learning curve that sets an unparalleled precedent. She’s also developed a soft spot for every working mum, thinking critically about how mums have been put on the sideline for so long and how that has impacted our society.

As the creative director at For The people, She’s  responsible for setting creative agendas, managing teams and expanding the potential of projects. Today, her challenge is to help build and lead the Tasmanian studio of For The People and help to foster a world-class design culture in Tasmania. Some recent projects include the product design and development of Streamtime, the brand identities for The West Coast of Tasmania, Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, and The Sydney Opera House.