Jamie Chubb

Director of Community & Wellbeing, City of Wangaratta

Wangaratta – The rural city of “Happy little locals”. The campaign targeted at luring COVID weary Melbournians to live and work in a growing rural city. 


In early January 2021, the Rural City of Wangaratta embarked upon an ambitious, high visibility campaign that included prime time TVCs and Outdoor Advertising in Metropolitan Melbourne. Whilst timely given the interest from many Melbourne residents to move away from the city, this campaign was in fact grounded in years of work.

In the lead up to 2019, the municipality had been experiencing below state average population growth, poor brand awareness and a disjointed and inconsistent approach to marketing.

As a result, the Council recognised the need to develop a strong brand strategy and identity to drive investment, development and visitor attraction, and instil community pride.

What followed was a year-long project which crystalised what Wangaratta stands for, the brand positioning and key pillars, which now unpin all marketing activity. In this session Jamie and Lucy will provide insight into the campaign’s effectiveness and take us through the City’s journey, and what’s been learnt along the way.


Jaime has worked within rural and regional local government in both NSW and Victoria for over 17 years. With a focus on planning, supporting and building brilliant places, Jaime has delivered hundreds of projects ranging from small scale community grants to multi-million dollar CBD revitalisation projects.

As a long term convert to regional living herself, Jaime has been the Director of Community Wellbeing at the Rural City of Wangaratta for just over 7 years. With services ranging from aged care to aquatics, the directorate allows Jaime to work with people right across the community.

Jaime believes in the power of collective wisdom when it comes to building resilient and vibrant communities. She is passionate about investing in the future of regional areas – she is even prepared to share her secrets for the best river swimming spots and the most beautiful sunsets.