Amanda McEvoy

Dean Cracknell

Co-Founder of Town Team Movement and Creator of Placemaking.Education


Session title

Creating a shared place vision from the ground up


For place branding to be of enduring benefit it must be a collaborative effort. When a community feels part of the process and the outcomes, they will buyin, take ownership and help bring the place vision to life. Town Team Movement aims to create the right environment to foster that collaboration. In this session, cofounder Dean Cracknell will present a range of case studies showcasing how communities’ stakeholders have come together to enormous effect. From strengthening social cohesion to boosting economic vitality, this session will equip attendees with the knowhow of how to make it happen in a variety of contexts.


Co-Founder of Town Team Movement and Creator of Placemaking.Education

Dean has been a leader at Town Team Movement for the last 6 years – a social enterprise that is building a movement of positive ‘doers’ around Australia and beyond. He operates at the intersection of place, local communities, small businesses and local governments. He has worked with dozens of local governments, agencies and communities across Australia and New Zealand to craft a shared vision, and more importantly, to set up the right conditions for the place to become the best version of itself.