Can Seng Ooi

Sociologist and Professor, University of Tasmania

Measuring the impact and Return on Investment of a Place Branding strategy. 


Conference discussion – Led by a panel of place branding and evaluation specialists, in this session the room will explore the recurring questions of ;
I. Why Place Branding?, II. What are the tangible outcomes that can be delivered by an effective one? and III. How does one measure those outcomes?


Can Seng has been examining and comparing various place and nation branding projects around the world, including those in Singapore, Denmark, Malaysia, China and Australia. As a sociologist, he has investigated place branding from multiple angles. Besides the important marketing and soft power functions a place brand plays, he looks at how a place brand becomes an inspiring call for the community to rally together.

All places aim to celebrate what is distinctive about them, and paradoxically many places tell remarkably similar stories, host comparable popular events and highlight same types of place icons. Being unique and special is only one of many important characteristics of a strong place brand. Can Seng has been looking at various tactics and strategies behind the paradoxes of place branding.

Born in Singapore, he is a sociologist and is also Professor of Cultural and Heritage tourism at the University of Tasmania. He lived in Copenhagen for 20 years, and was Professor of International Business and Cultural Industries at Copenhagen Business School before moving to Tasmania in 2017. His website is