Jessica Christiansen-Franks

Co-Founder & CEO, Neighbourlytics

Jessica Christiansen-Franks is an urban designer and social entrepreneur who has dedicated her career to understanding the social dynamics of urbanisation. Passionate about creating neighbourhoods people love and feel connected to, Jessica is a thought leader in innovative citizen participation, and particularly the value of ‘placemaking’ as a tool for collaboration and inspiring active citizenship. With experience across Australia, as well as the UK, Canada, India, Vietnam and the Philippines, Jessica has been fortunate enough to advise the public and private sectors, along with major international aid agencies.

As Co-founder and CEO of Neighbourlytics, Jessica has side stepped into the world of big data to develop a social analytics platform for neighbourhood development. Neighbourlytics harnesses social data feeds to provide real time insights into local neighbourhood identity, place attachment and social connectedness.

A champion for the citizen voice, Jessica is Vice Chair of the Smart Cities Council’s (AusNZ) Centre for Civic Innovation.

Title: Evidence based Place Branding: Discovering a community’s social data and using it to shape Place Branding strategy.

What is it about a place that makes you want to go there? Why for example, do people flock to Beechworth, Victoria instead of nearby Myrtleford? Is it the local brewery, the historic buildings, or the local ghost stories?

The emergence of the experience economy means that now visitors are now being asked these questions. But finding data about what makes local neighbourhoods tick can be hard. Social data is proving a vital tool for local governments to better understand the unique local offer of the towns and neighbourhoods they manage.

Jessica will describe how social data works, provide case studies of social data in action and best practice examples of how it has shaped Place Branding strategy.