Paul Albone

Group Manager Industry Development of the Victorian State Government (Tourism Events and Visitor Economy Branch)

How a common sense of identity helps a community rebound from natural disaster


Having overseen how places respond to natural disaster for almost 20 years, Paul will take us through a range of case studies that explore how cohesiveness helps a community rebound. From the fires that swept through the Grampians in 2005, through to the devastating 2009 fires in Marysville and surrounds, this session will explore the importance of a cohesive, strong sense of collective identity when dealing with natural disasters.


Paul Albone is the Manager of Industry Support in the Tourism Events and Visitor Economy Branch of the Victorian State Government. He oversees the team responsible for tourism industry crisis preparedness, response and recovery, workforce development, accessible tourism, tourism signage and visitor servicing.

Having been with the Department for almost 20 years Paul has seen how a sense of common identity in various communities has impacted their ability to rebound from natural disaster. Having overseen the recovery from the 2009 fires in communities such as Marysville and Strathewan, he has a deep understanding of what Australian communities need to do to be prepared for natural disasters. Using that knowledge, he is currently working with eastern Victoria communities devastated by the December and January fires.