Kiersten Fishburn

CEO, Liverpool City Council

Kiersten Fishburn has been Chief Executive Officer of Liverpool City Council since late 2016.

With an expected population of 331,000 by 2036, Liverpool is one of the fastest growing and most diverse communities in Sydney. As Chief Executive Officer Kiersten’s priorities include supporting the delivery of the Western Sydney Airport and creating the associated jobs, investment and infrastructure for the community of Liverpool.

Previously Kiersten held a number of executive positions at Liverpool City Council focusing on community, culture and engagement.

As Director of Liverpool’s Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre from 2011 to 2016 Kiersten led the creation and delivery of a contemporary arts and cultural development program.

Prior to joining Liverpool City Council Kiersten was Manager of Culture for City of Sydney from 2005-11.

Before then Kiersten worked at Accessible Arts where she consulted nationally on audiences for people with disabilities in the arts.

Kiersten has a Bachelor of Art Theory from UNSW, an MBA (Executive) from RMIT and is a Vincent Fairfax Ethical Leadership Fellow.


Shaping Liverpool’s identity through arts and culture

Liverpool is one of the most multicultural cities in Australia, Sydney’s third CBD and the gateway city to the Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport.

As a rapidly growing city, it is important that Liverpool retains its strong community identity, and this is being achieved through our arts, culture and community development projects.

Liverpool’s premier arts and cultural facility, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (CPAC), matches the ambitions of the community that funds it. In this session, Kiersten and Craig will discuss how CPAC subverts the traditional curatorial process in favour of a more democratic and inclusive approach.

In the past year, the centre has delivered more than 400 events in its Public Program and Education areas and these have been attended by more than 60,000 visitors. From the Iraqi Cultural Festival to the Afro Latino Festival, CPAC brings people together across generations, cultures and languages, and in turn provides this diverse community with a vital gathering place to reflect on what makes them distinct.

Adding to the sense of place that CPAC drives for its community, Liverpool City Council has an ambitious program of cultural activation in the CBD. To help realise an aspiration of a vibrant 18 hour city, Council has developed an ongoing program of events, pop ups, festivals, creative industry support and public art delivered through partnerships and with the local community to further build on the way in which local arts contribute to the community’s collective identity.