Graeme Mason

CEO – Screen Australia

Graeme has over 20 years of international experience in film, television and multimedia businesses. Graeme has worked with large US studios, a UK television network, independent producers and government agencies. Graeme has previously worked in both factual and entertainment TV programming in Australia before moving to the UK.

In Britain he worked across all aspects of film production, sales and acquisitions, and distribution for companies such as Polygram Filmed Entertainment. From 1998 to 2002 he was president of worldwide acquisitions for Universal Studios. He then joined Channel 4 Television UK as Head of Media Projects and later as Managing Director of Rights before moving to New Zealand to lead the New Zealand Film Commission from 2009 to 2013.


The success of Australian Screen and how, as an industry, it delivers for Australian towns from Adelaide, to Winton

The Australian screen production industry delivers over 25,000 full-time equivalent jobs, adding more than $3b Australia’s GDP each and every year. It helps tell the world Australia’s story by exploring the culture and values we hold dear. It is this capacity to tell Australia’s story that sees it directly attributable for attracting around 230,000 international visitors to our shores every year, spending in excess of $725m with businesses in our regions, cities and towns.

Whilst the benefits of Screen to Australia have been well examined and quantified, there are cities and towns that lead the way in the manner in which they engage with the industry.

In this session Graeme will explore case studies where investment, cutting of red tape and facilitation of film industry investment by certain Australian communities has reaped massive rewards. From South Australia’s proactive engagement with industry, to the Gold Coast’s film attraction fund, and Winton’s drive to become “Hollywood of the Outback”, Graeme will take us through the learnings gained from the most successful relationships between places and Australia’s Screen industry.