Anna Chubb

Director Strategy, Hunter & Central Coast Development Corporation

Anna Chubb is the Director of Strategy with the Hunter & Central Coast Development Corporation. Anna’s role is to work in partnership across state and local government, industry and community to achieve the vision of the Hunter Regional Plan 2036, as well as the Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan 2036.

A key focus of the Metropolitan Plan is to position Greater Newcastle as a global leader in the new economy, while maintaining a critical point of difference – our wonderful lifestyle.

That is why Anna is leading a collaborative process with industry and government stakeholders to create an identity for Greater Newcastle that will answer the question – why would I live, study, work and invest in Greater Newcastle?

Anna is an urban planner, who’s career spans a wide range of roles with the NSW State Government, including planning strategy and policy, sustainability, land development, change management and corporate strategy.

Anna has a passion for sustainability, which led her to undertake studies in environmental and social sustainability at Macquarie University, and then post graduate studies in urban and regional planning at the University of New England. Anna also has a Master of Public Administration at the Australia New Zealand School of Government.

Presentation – in conjunction with Amber Dale
Title: Newcastle’s emergence from a steel town to a global leader in the new economy

Greater Newcastle has recently become Australia’s first Metropolitan Region outside of a capital city.  This is no accident.  The collaborative efforts of the NSW Government, the five Greater Newcastle Councils and our industry partners have combined to create a new future for our region.

Continuing this transformation, the vision for Greater Newcastle is to become Australia’s newest and emerging economic and lifestyle city, acknowledged globally as:

  • dynamic and entrepreneurial,
  • a great place to live,
  • a global leader in the new economy

The Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation has a clear agenda for economic diversification with growth strategies earmarked for a range of industries and sectors. However, despite the progress made to date, they don’t have a coherent or consistent identity and positioning strategy. In short, the challenge moving forward is to provide a compelling narrative that answers the question – ‘Why would I come to Newcastle to live, study, visit, work, or invest over any other city in Australasia?’  To most, Newcastle remains a steel town – despite 30 years having passed since the closure of BHP Steel Works.

Recognising that the answer to this question is a work in progress, HCCDC is leading the creation of an identity and positioning strategy to attract new businesses and new people to live, visit, study, work and invest in this great city.

This session will focus on their learnings from recent years in delivering on the Newcastle Urban Renewal Strategy (released 2012), how Strategy and Communications work together to ensure the promises made are delivered on, and how they will use the learnings of recent years to forge a refreshed identity for Newcastle.