Amber Dale

Senior Communications Manager, Hunter & Central Coast Development Corporation

Amber Dale is the Senior Communications Manager at the Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation.

She is passionate about HCCDC and the role it plays in the Hunter and Central Coast regions as the NSW Government’s go-to agency for leading innovative and city changing urban development outcomes.

Amber’s role in the organisation is to provide leadership and deliver effective corporate brand positioning communications that drives awareness and social currency.

Amber’s experience leading communications for the $650million Revitalising Newcastle program provides a wealth of understanding in important stakeholder engagement and how to bring the community along a meaningful journey through the process of change.

She is also highly experienced in the importance of creating a single voice and a single identity to effectively communicate with stakeholders. In 2018, Amber met with a delegation from New Zealand and provided insight into managing a single voice and identity, and how to effectively reach your audiences.

With previous experience working across different sectors in New Zealand and Australia, Amber has worked in crisis communications, fundraising, media management, journalism, events and all other manner of communications.

Presentation – in conjunction with Amber Dale
Title: Newcastle’s emergence from a steel town to a global leader in the new economy

Greater Newcastle has recently become Australia’s first Metropolitan Region outside of a capital city.  This is no accident.  The collaborative efforts of the NSW Government, the five Greater Newcastle Councils and our industry partners have combined to create a new future for our region.

Continuing this transformation, the vision for Greater Newcastle is to become Australia’s newest and emerging economic and lifestyle city, acknowledged globally as:

  • dynamic and entrepreneurial,
  • a great place to live,
  • a global leader in the new economy

The Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation has a clear agenda for economic diversification with growth strategies earmarked for a range of industries and sectors. However, despite the progress made to date, they don’t have a coherent or consistent identity and positioning strategy. In short, the challenge moving forward is to provide a compelling narrative that answers the question – ‘Why would I come to Newcastle to live, study, visit, work, or invest over any other city in Australasia?’  To most, Newcastle remains a steel town – despite 30 years having passed since the closure of BHP Steel Works.

Recognising that the answer to this question is a work in progress, HCCDC is leading the creation of an identity and positioning strategy to attract new businesses and new people to live, visit, study, work and invest in this great city.

This session will focus on their learnings from recent years in delivering on the Newcastle Urban Renewal Strategy (released 2012), how Strategy and Communications work together to ensure the promises made are delivered on, and how they will use the learnings of recent years to forge a refreshed identity for Newcastle.